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Try This Acceptance Meditation

Today I have a wonderful Acceptance Meditation for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard that what we resist persists. Most of us know this truth and yet we still spend so much of our time and energy struggling to change what is. Sometimes we are successful in our efforts and sometimes not.

True inner peace can only come when you are able to fully accept the present moment no matter how good or bad the situation may appear at first. Accepting the present moment is also the best platform from which effective action to change the situation can come.

In this meditation, we’ll begin by focusing on the breath and releasing tension around the body. We’ll then begin to further cultivate the spirit of acceptance. Just find a comfortable position, sit back, relax and click the PLAY button below…

P.S. If you enjoyed this sample, you’ll love the full 15-20 minute download version. Click here to download your Acceptance Meditation (opens new window)